Beyond love

Sometimes we just cannot even express how important our pets are in our lives

There are times in our lives when our pets and our love for them goes beyond something we can even begin to imagine.

There are the pets who are the lifeline of a loved relative – there are the guide dogs, the hearing dogs for the deaf, the therapy pets, and there are our own beloved pets who were cherished by a loved one who may recently have passed away.

They carry not only our love for the pet, but they carry all the memories and all the happy and sad times associated with our loved and much missed relative. Pets left behind when our elderly parents pass away deserve to be pampered and fed and treated so we do allow them maybe that bit too much extra.

Our pets with a purpose that goes beyond love, deserve everything they get and it is too easy to reward them with those treats they love. We understand and we are here to support you as we have been there too!

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