How many of you tell your pets everything?

We return from a long day at work or being away from our home on errands and are greeted by our ecstatic pet. It is only natural that we communicate straight away with our pet everyday.

Dogs and cats (and in some cases house rabbits) become our main confidantes. We tell them everything about our day. We confide in them about important issues, we share in any tragedies or any joys in our lives by dancing around as they wag their tails with delight hearing the excitement in our voices.

They also share in all our daily secrets – flopping on the sofa in our baggy old clothes and eating last night’s dinner straight from the pan – such a confidante deserves to be rewarded and share in our routine. A few crisps after we’ve had our main meal won’t harm them – or will it? How about those digestive biscuits we settle down to with our cup of tea – surely a few of those shouldn’t be too harmful (we know not to give the chocolate ones to our dogs).

What about the pizza crusts and toast ends – after all our pets hold all our secrets and deserve to share in our lives fully, so surely giving them everything we eat and indulge in daily is normal?

We all do it!

We challenge you to break these behaviours and share only your healthy foods with your pets. You’d be surprised at how many healthy human treats you can feed that cost far less than the bought pet treats; and they offer so much more to your pets as they are healthy and full of nutrients.

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