No One Wants To Be Told That Their Pet Is Fat!


When we decided to start our Slimming Pets Classes; we enrolled as much help as we could get with setting it up. Remember, our aim is to provide only honest correct advice about feeding your pet properly, not sell any products or be sponsored by any corporates or pet food companies.

We set out to get as much advice from the top pet nutritionists in the UK as we could. They replied with a simple – We wish you well and realise the need for Slimming Pets and helping pet owners; but they felt that no one would want to join as pet owners do not acknowledge that their pet is overweight.

Some owners choose to have round cuddly pets that they can hug and overfeed out of sheer love.

french bulldog smiling and being held by smiling ownerUndeterred, we have carried on to organise our classes and be there for those clients who recognise that their pets would lead a better quality of life if they were just fed not just the healthiest foods, but the correct amounts of food; and more importantly you would have your pet around for longer if they were kept at a healthy weight 1.* Salt, Carina et al

To all those pet owners who treat their pets as babies to be nurtured, loved and fed (and even chosen for their infant features with big eyes, skin folds and loving characters); just realise that being overweight means that your dog is 35% more likely to require veterinary intervention due to these extra fat cells and weight.

This means possibly more admissions to your local vet practice where you are unable to stay with your pet as they are admitted and require anaesthesia and medical tests (unlike human hospitals where you stay with your child).

Your little pet that you love more than anything will live a shorter life if it carries extra weight, and it may be in far more pain in its old age if it carries those extra few pounds (or even extra ounces in some of our tinier breeds)

We also were told that pet owners do not trust their vets to give the correct dietary advice, and we do accept this to be true. Sadly, too many vets have been ‘coached’ by the larger pet food companies who stock their food in vet practices and there is then a bias for vets to sell these products. We have our hands untied and we are able to finally offer the sort of advice we want – what is best for your pet; not what is best for a particular veterinary practice or pet food company! (The absolute best bit of our classes for us:)

We are unable to offer veterinary advice; but we are able to offer as much unbiased information about what you feed your pet as possible – all in the best interests of your dog, who we know you love as we too have our own pets.

We understand and we care and we are here for you!

*1.Salt, Carina, et al. “Association between life span and body condition in neutered client‐owned dogs.” Journal of veterinary internal medicine (2018).

We share our weight loss secrets

There is a magic formula to losing weight and we want to share it with you and your pet!

We are passionate about helping

We have all been there with our own overweight pets as we love them as much as you love your own

We care and are not sponsored by any corporates

We want to share our pet and human nutrition knowledge with you as we understand and we care

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