Why Slimming Pets?

Slimming Pets started with the passion of our vet Arielle. After many years as an army wife following her vet husband from country to country on various postings around the world (with 4 children, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs and a chicken in tow – yes as a family they did fly their chicken from Cyprus to Germany!), she bravely decided to return to veterinary work after 8 years living abroad being a Mum and a teaching assistant at the local army school.

She chose to regain her lost skills at the largest pet charity in the UK – the PDSA.

It is a wonderful charity to work for and every day that she has worked there, she feels as though she has made a difference to people’s lives – to the elderly, to those with physical disabilities, to single parents, to those with mental disabilities – each and everyone with their own story of love and adoration for their pet.

From the first day she worked there, she was struck by how overweight the pets in the UK had become after being out of veterinary for so many years – all overfed out of love. Each time the topic of nutrition was mentioned in a short consultation, the owners would immediately avoid discussing the issue for fear of having their pet’s favourite food changed and fear that as vets, we would try to get them to buy expensive diets.

Armed with this knowledge of how little clients understood about correct pet nutrition and with a desire to help and make a difference, she started Slimming Pets and the classes. The thinking behind classes is that we all love our dogs and talking about them and if we could discuss things in a group and share what works, our chances of success in changing something as important as the way we feed our pets, can be achieved with far greater success.

We all love our pets so much and we want them around for as long as possible and for them to be as happy as possible. A healthy balanced diet is vital to ensure both of these. But who do you turn to for advice?

In our local town of Melton Mowbray, 2 of the vet practices stock Hills, one stocks Royal Canin and another stocks Specific diets. Pets at Home promotes their own food Wainwrights and the Mole Country store has Skinners and Field and Trial on their shelves while the smaller pet stores in Melton promote Burns and Canagan and another stocks raw meaty diet…..so each one has a reason to promote the food they sell and each of them will give you biased advice!

So Slimming Pets was borne out of the desire of one individual with a mission to help and support pet owners with feeding their pets properly by offering full support and unbiased pet nutrition knowledge, as well as offering the classes to gain that full pet owner support and empathy.

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