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Who are we?

We are a group of veterinary professionals – vets, vet nurses, vet nutritionists, specialist pet behaviourists and pet lovers and owners all with a similar passion – to share as much of our understanding of the human-animal bond as possible with you to enable you to make the right choices in feeding your pet.

Why should we trust you?

We have no hidden agenda to sell anything. We are private independents not sponsored by any corporates or pet food companies or veterinary practices so we can offer you all the unbiased advice we want (very refreshing for us as vets as our hands are not tied by the practice so we sell nothing and just teach you as much as we know!)

Why does our vet not deal with the issue?

We are vets so can answer this honestly. There is a very fragile bond that we need to build as vets with you the client. When you visit and we tell you something negative about your pet (and no one likes to be told their most loved pet is fat), the look on your face tells it all and we know that we have lost that delicate bond we try to build with you.

Just like leading pet food stores, most vets sell pet foods from a number of the leading brands so the advice they give tends to be slightly biased towards these foods and it pressurises us to ‘sell’ these products.

We realise too that most clients feel that they have not had all their questions answered when they leave a vet practice as there is usually a time limit to most consultations so nutritional advice is not prioritised.

Can you offer us veterinary advice?

We are vets but we are not running the classes to offer anything other than pet nutrition and pet behaviour advice.

If we do notice that your pet may suffer with something that we feel impacts on the weight loss we are expecting, such as a metabolic condition like hypothroidism; we would refer your pet to your own vet for a check up

FAQ’s About Our Classes

Will you change the food we feed our pets?

No. We realise how much effort goes into choosing a food that your pet likes and one that you can buy on a regular basis that fits into your budget, so NO we will not change the pet food that your dog likes. We will find out what food it is though, and we will work out exactly how much of the food they can eat.

We may also advise if we know that there is a better food or if your choice of food is not the best for your pet – remember we are offering completely unbiased advice about all the pet foods out there and our aim is to make sure your pet is as healthy and happy as possible!

Find out what our vet feeds her dog (yes she buys it online like the rest of us) – it may surprise you. She also shares in the secrets of her own 10kg recent weight loss!

Are we able to attend just a few of the classes?

No. There is valuable information that we will be covering in each one of our classes so we feel that it is important that you attend each one.

Why are the classes over 8 weeks?

It is well known that it takes 8 weeks to change a behaviour – no matter what that behaviour is.

We realise that changing how and when you feed and treat your pet (and yourself) is more behaviour modification than anything, so that is why we follow the standard 8 weeks. We offer full behaviour modification and support in this time.

How much are the classes?

We have an introductory SPECIAL for our very first evening 8 week course of classes costing just £95 (normally £145 for the full course)!

Can you support us with home fed diets?

Yes we can! If you have had enough of trying to find a dog food that best suits your dog and you would much rather cook healthy nutrient-rich foods from scratch – we are fully supportive of that and we offer delicious healthy balanced recipes tailormade to your pet’s requirements.

Can dogs eating BARF diets attend the classes

We unfortunately cannot support any dogs being fed biologically appropriate raw food. We have a standard of care to the other dogs in the class and there may be elderly or immunosuppressed dogs (or owners) attending; so we cannot put them at risk of catching any of the contaminants that uncooked meat carries which may be shed in the saliva of BARF fed dogs (*1. JS Weese et al)

1. Weese, J. Scott, and J. Rousseau. “Survival of Salmonella Copenhagen in food bowls following contamination with experimentally inoculated raw meat: Effects of time, cleaning, and disinfection.” The Canadian Veterinary Journal 47.9 (2006): 887

My dog is not very sociable with other dogs

This is a tricky situation as we want to work as a group and share ideas and support each other. If your dog has known aggressive tendencies towards any other dogs, then please be honest and let us know.

The same goes for any aggressive tendencies towards other people handling and touching them as we will need to measure your pet too – thank you!

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