We are here to offer you all the nutritional advice we can

Why a vet offering weight loss classes?

We are passionate about offering advice and support to pet owners with behavioural modification of how you feed your pets. We too have suffered with weight issues with our pets and with ourselves so we ‘get it’

We share our weight loss secrets

There is a magic formula to losing weight and we want to share it with you and your pet!

We are passionate about helping

We have all been there with our own overweight pets as we love them as much as you love your own

We care and are not sponsored by any corporates

We want to share our pet and human nutrition knowledge with you as we are trained and we care

We overfeed out of love

But there are risks and yes we know you’ve heard it all before, but it is true….

They are our valued family members who deserve to be loved and given the very best. But there are risks to overfeeding….

arrow logo Shorter life span

arrow logo More pain in old age

arrow logo Reduced energy and quality of life

arrow logo Anaesthetic risks

arrow logo Breathing difficulties

arrow logo More likely to rupture ligaments

What our clients say


misty - sleeping springer spaniel - slimming pets review

This is a great opportunity with a highly experienced vet to get your dog active and fit again. We all do that sneaky snack or use biscuits as treats – for our pets too!- and Arielle can give advice on the healthy treats to get our dogs active again. What better way to get fit alongside your dog for 2019.

This is such a great idea Arielle. You were great with our other dog and we got an extra 4 years with her before we loved her with too much food.– Wendy

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Could your dog be hypothyroid?

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