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About Our 8 Week Pet Slimming Pet Challenge

It takes 8 weeks to change a behaviour

You get


Individual tailored feeding plan for your dog

Remember, we do not change the food that your pet likes, but we find out exactly what you are feeding and we let you know the exact amounts that you can feed for a healthy weight loss

You get


Top nutritional advice from vets specific to your dog

We only care about the health of your pet, we do not want to sell a specific food or product, so we advise on all the healthiest options specific to your pet 

You get


Contact with us to ensure you are fully supported

We will remind you weekly that you need to send us measurements and a progress report on your dog – you are more likely to stick to the 8 week challenge as you will be accountable to us

You get


A happy healthier pet that lives longer!

It is proven that dogs at a healthy body range live longer so our aim is for you to have a healthier happier pet around for many more years to come  


List of the best fruit and vegetables your dog will love


Behavioural advice on how to stop feeding treats


Emotional support as we understand


Exercise advice and support


Advise on the best dental treats and chews to feed


Advice for pets on medication & feeding those tablets


Techniques to distract from overfeeding


Best foods to feed your itchy pets


We do not offer any veterinary pet health advice *

* If we feel that your pet may suffer with a metabolic condition, we would refer you to your vet

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