Stop buying so many expensive treats

There are now as many treats available on the market as there are different brands of food – all lining the pockets of the company that developed them but providing very little nutritional value to your pet.

These treats come in all forms – there are chewy ones, bone-shaped treats, rawhide treats and the most popular ones of the lot – dental treats!

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Bought treats


Dental chews


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How many can we give?

We appreciate at Slimming Pets that just like the human model, small daily treats are part of our routine and it is very hard to change this routine. The beauty of our pets is that unlike our children, they will not demand a certain food type having seen it advertised and be tempted to eat it when the advert is shown on TV.

Everything your pet eats is fully under your control. With this in mind, it is easier to break the habit of buying so many expensive treats when we are out shopping, but be warned – the pet stores and even veterinary practices will tempt you the consumer at every turn.

The government has clamped down on the buy one get one free offers in supermarkets for sweetened goods to curbe childhood obesity, but no such ruling would ever enter the pet stores we go to……
We are tempted the minute we step into a pet store with 2 for 1 offers at the door as well as pick ‘n mix stations and more – all expecting us to make spontaneous purchases when we really just entered the store to buy our monthly pet food!

With the knowledge of this constant temptation, we advise that these bought treats make up no more than 5% of your dog’s daily calorie intake….and we are here to fully support you with this!

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Are treats unhealthy?

Apart from some very up-market ‘healthier’ brands, most of the treats sold carry very little nutritional value for our pets.

There is even the concern that some may actually be harmful to our pets. Always read the labels, and if there are no labels stating what is in the treat DO NOT BUY THEM. They usually come from abroad – not made with the health of your pet in mind, but treated with bleach, preservatives, colourants – I could go on.

The rawhide treats can also be dangerous to not only your pet but to members of your family. These have not been processed but remain as ‘raw’ products from the abbatoirs and if you have elderly, young or immunocompromised ill members of the family, these could spread diseases.

Why do our pets love them?

Bought treats are the equivalent of the biscuits, crisps and chocolates that we indulge in – we are irresistibly drawn to these foods as they carry a high sugar and high fat content and the combination makes them irresistible to our taste buds and provide us with the happy hormones when we indulge in them.

The same happens to our pets who sadly like us do end up ‘addicted’ to these high calorific content treats that unbalance their sugar levels if given too frequently. Dogs have an acute sense of smell and they will be able to smell these treats hidden anywhere as well as respond to the crunching of the wrappers that they come in as they, like us crave their high fat/sugar rushes that we have accustomed them to.

Chop up raw carrots into small pieces and mix in a plastic bag (or the wrapping that your pet’s favourite treats were bought in), add in cooked fresh chicken and mix with the raw carrots. Use these as healthy treats when on a walk or when training!

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