Stop feeding leftovers

None of us like to throw away food – it seems such a waste, especially when we spend so much on those expensive take-aways.

We all do it – we all feed our pets whatever is left on our plates, or we feed them while we indulge – they are members of our family and need to share in all we do…but do they?

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The dangers of sharing those leftovers

We have all ended up in the habit of feeding our pets small amounts of whatever we eat – few crisps here and there, end of our pizza or toast crusts, some chicken left for them on our plates, the end of the uneaten fromage frais…..

Do these really harm our pets?

Yes! Our dogs are only small and they have a daily calorie requirement that we usually use up by feeding them their dog food. As soon as these little extras are added in on a daily basis and they get used to this daily surge in blood sugars from all these extra carbohydrates, they will end up overweight.

We know you do it as you love them, but we see the negatives as vets……and there are SO many negatives. One of the healthiest, happiest dogs I have seen came into my consult room in 2018. I do not remember his name (I work at a large vet charity PDSA and we see over 100 patients a day). He was an elderly black lab and he was lean and active and very excited. I asked his owner their secret as I had seen a day of overweight, very tired and often sad appearing dogs flop on the floor in the consult room.

Her reply was simple and so profound – ‘I don’t feed him any rubbish!’

How to solve it

Stopping those extra leftovers is our biggest challenge and is a behavioural change that we need to make. There is such a behavioural aspect to overfeeding – an entire section of the Slimming Pets site has been devoted to why we overfeed, and with this knowledge, we feel you are fully prepared to make the change with our support and learn how to feed your pets properly!

This is why we set the challenge over 8 weeks as it takes 8 weeks to change a behaviour for good – 8 weeks to change the brain pathways that make us perform a certain action. We will advise, support and inspire you!

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