Weigh your pet’s favourite food

As pet owners too, we appreciate how much time and effort goes into choosing a food for your pet that they not only like, but it suits your budget and is easy for you to purchase regularly.

For this reason, our aim is not to change the food you feed, but to advise you on how to feed the food your pet loves in the right amount.



Know correct amount


Weigh accurately


Only feed daily ration


Feed twice daily


Use a slow feeder bowl

Accuracy is vital

Weight loss in pets is actually very simple – feed slightly less calories than your pet needs in a day so that the excess fat is used up to provide this extra energy….but we don’t want your pet to go hungry or begin begging and barking uncontrollably for more food. We would recommend weight loss or low calorie diets (wet or dry) as you are able to feed slightly more than with regular diets.

We advise you use a small kitchen scale to measure the exact amount of your chosen food that your dog is allowed, and you then keep this daily ration in a sealed tub for the day. All members of the family need to be made aware of this ration – including any pet sitters or dog walkers (or ‘grandparent’ petsitters!). Be aware – pet food companies want to sell more pet food, so always weigh less than the recommended amount on the packaging and make some allowance for the healthy treats you will be feeding as well!

Never feed a couch potato pet a food that is marked simply as ‘pet food’. The energy in an average pet food is tailored towards growing puppies or kittens. Choose a ‘lifestage diet’ such as adult, senior or low energy diets; and definitely never choose a food labelled for working or active dogs to an overweight pet!

Dalmatian eating from bowl

How we solve your pet going hungry

You may be concerned that the amount of food allowed for the day appears too little and you know that your pet will begin begging and you just know that you will give in to the pawing, barking and those pleading eyes!

This is where our 5 a day comes in. By mixing cooked veg with your dog’s main meal, they will feel fuller, and we allow those ‘free fruit and veg’ treats in the day too. Buy a bag of frozen cauliflower, carrots and broccoli and divide it into portions for each meal. Heat up gently and mix with their food each day. Being frozen ensures that  all the essential vitamins have been ‘frozen’ in and the freezing process makes the vitamins more accessible to your pet by breaking down the cellulose of the vegetables.

We always advise the use of slow feeder or anti-gulp bowls for our pets who hoover their food down and we advise on the best ‘food toys’ that distract and entertain your pet to prolong their eating.

Aim for a behavioural change here, not a short-term diet that ends, but long term healthy feeding to keep your pet at their optimal health.

happy labrador being stroked by owner while lying on grass

Why feed twice a day?

It is always advised that larger breed dogs have their meals divided into two to prevent overeating of a large meal which can lead to bloat and a life threatening gastric torsion in active large breeds.

Splitting the meals (and daily calorie content) also benefits our pets as it keeps their metabolism raised with having the 2 meals. This in turn helps burn the excess fat. Your dog will be much happier having 2 meals and we know that you will be happier too feeding the 2 daily meals that your dog loves.



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